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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for reviewing and agreeing to our terms and conditions.

Comox Valley Driving School Inc
780 Williams Road, Courtenay, BC, V9N 6E7


Sherri Cash (250-338-3406)
Kayla Russman (250-465-2569)


  • 1hr @ $100 (5min intro / 50 min drive / 5 min debrief)
  • 3hr ‘Refresher’ @ $300: 3 hrs of instruction (or 2 hours plus use CVDS car for test on 3rd appt).
  • 6hr @ $550: 6 hrs of instruction (or 5 hours plus use CVDS car for test on 6th appt).
  • 10hr @ $900: 10 hrs of instruction (or 9 hours plus use CVDS car for test on 10th appt).
  • GLP @ $1600 High School Student / $1680 Adult (+ plus GST): 13.5 hrs of in car instruction + car use (15 min interview with copilot, included in lesson #5)


Lessons may be rescheduled or canceled by 6:00pm of the evening prior to the lesson, otherwise a cancellation fee of $40 will be assessed. If you are sick, the fee may be waived.This fee MUST be paid to the instructor at the next lesson. 


Please talk to your instructor for further detail. Partial or full payment for lessons is made in advance, depending on the number of hours. Payments can be made by instalment for 6+ hours of instruction. No refunds. Lessons may be gifted, inquire for details.

Licensing Requirements

Students must possess a Valid Class 7 or Class 5 Learner’s permit prior to taking any in car lessons. Students must always carry their licence during training.

Vehicle Occupants

In car lessons are conducted one-on-one with the instructor, unless enrolled in our GLP course. GLP: Parents, guardians or copilot are to accompany on one lesson to help with at home practice. Highway are to be done with another client in the car.

Use of CVDS Vehicle for Test

It is at our discretion as to whether a driver is ready to use our vehicle for driving test. Give ample notice to your instructor for better availability of car usage. You can schedule your test within 6 months of your eligibility date at

Accident Liability

If accident or injury occurs while a student is driving, CVDS Inc. is NOT LIABLE. We will go through our top-notch insurance company.

Weather Closures

If ICBC is closed due to snow or weather conditions we will be closed as well.