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ICBC Approved Driver Education Course (GLP)

Course Description

This course consists of 18 hours of theory, 12 hours of in-car instruction and 2 hours of observation.

Other than the highway drive, all in car lessons are either 1 hour or 2 hour sessions. Highway drives are done with another client in the car.

This program cuts the waiting time on the Novice License down from 2 years to 1 1/2 years (18 months).

The driver must;

  • successfully complete a GLP-approved course in the learner stage
  • demonstrate safe driving attitudes and behaviours
  • and have no violations (tickets) or at-fault crashes during the first 18 months of the novice stage.

The student also gets two Grade 11 credits.


GLP classroom sessions are broken down into three sessions. Students must attend one of each module.

Modules are held at the St. John Ambulance Centre at #84 – 1742 Cliffe Avenue in Courtenay.

Upcoming Classroom Dates

January 14th 15th and 21st FULLY BOOKED
February 25th 26th and March 4th FULLY BOOKED
April 29th 30th and May 6th FULLY BOOKED
June 3rd 4th and 10th FULLY BOOKED
August 12th 13th and 19th FULLY BOOKED
Sept 16th 17th and 23rd FULLY BOOKED
Oct 14th 15th and 21st FULLY BOOKED
Nov 18th 19th and 25th FULLY BOOKED

2024 Classroom Dates will be posted soon!


Daily Schedule

All classroom dates from from 10am-5pm.

10am-1130am (15 min break)
1145am-1pm (30 min lunch)
130pm-3pm (15 min break)
345pm -5pm finished


$1250 for High School Students
$1312.50 for all other students ($1250 + GST)

Payments may be made in installments so long as the last payment is paid one month prior to finishing the program. A payment of $299 must be paid on first contact.

All Students must agree to Terms & Conditions