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GLP Course Outline

Classroom – Day 1

TimeLesson #- TitleDescription
9 am- 10:30 amLesson 1- Introduction to GLP.Lesson 1- Instructor will give a brief overview of course and allow students to get familiar with each other.
Lesson 2- Traffic control devises. (Part 1)Lesson 2- Students will learn about lines, signs, and lights.
15 Minute Break
Lesson 2- Traffic control devises. (Part 2) 
10:45am- 12:15Lesson 3- Safety devices, pre trip checks, and scanning.Lesson 3- Student will be able to locate safety devices, conduct pre- trip checks, and scanning to minimize risk.
Lesson 4- Risk perception and personal factors. (part 1) Lesson 4- Learn how risk perception is affected by personal factors.
30 Minute Lunch Break
12:45pm- 2:15pmLesson 4- Risk perception and Personal factor. (part 2) 
Lesson 5- Driving and cost of risks.Lesson 5- Learn the costs of taking risks while driving.
Lesson 6- Risk Taking and driving. Lesson 6- Define the characteristics of risk taking.
Lesson 7- Personal risk tolerance (part 1)Lesson 7- Assess personal risk tolerance
15 Minute Break
2:30 pm-4:00pmLesson 7- Personal risk tolerance (part 2)
Lesson 8- Impairment’s effect on risk perceptionLesson 8- Learn how impairment affects risk perception and driving behaviour

Classroom – Day 2

TimeLesson #- TitleDescription
9 am- 10:30 amLesson 1- Collisions and their characteristics.Lesson 1- Learn the most common collision situations and characteristics.
Lesson 2- Personal factors and social factors. (part 1)Lesson 2- Learn realistic risk perception in driving behaviours.
15 Minute Break
10:45 am- 12:15pmLesson 2- Personal factors and social factors. (part 2)
Lesson 3- Hazards of driving (part 1) Lesson 3- Learn the hazards of driving
30 Minute Lunch Break
12:45- 2:15 pmLesson 3- Hazards of driving (part 2)
Lesson 4- See- Think- Do and defensive driving Lesson 4- Learn mental alertness to analyze driving situations
Lesson 5- Appropriate communication and courteous driving behaviours. (part 1)Lesson 5- Learn safe and courteous driving attitudes and appropriate communication with other road users.
15 Minute Break
2:30- 4pmLesson 5- Appropriate communication and courteous driving behaviours. (part 2)
Lesson 6- Sharing the road.Lesson 6- Learn how to share the road safely and the rules.

Classroom – Day 3

TimeLesson #- TitleDescription
9 am- 10:30 amLesson 1- Understanding the complexity of driving.Lesson 1- Learn the complexity of the driving task for the new driver.
Lesson 2- Lifelong learning and driving.Lesson 2- Learn the factors that make driving a lifelong learning process.
Lesson 3- Physics and driving.(part 1)Lesson 3- Learn the forces of physics and compensate for hazardous driving conditions.
15 Minute Break
10:45- 12:15 pmLesson 3- Physics and driving.(part 2)
Lesson 4- Traction, friction, and driving control.Lesson 4- Learn the role of traction and relate it to hazardous driving conditions.
Lesson 5- Driving laws and regulations. (part one)Lesson 5- Learn the reasons for driving laws and regulations.
30 Minute Lunch Break
12:45- 2:15pmLesson 5- Driving laws and regulations. (part two)
Lesson 6- Licensing and programs.Lesson 6- Learn, in general terms, the legal regulations concerned with driving.
Lesson 7- Car crash legal requirements.Lesson 7- Learn procedures to be taken when involved in a motor vehicle crash.
Lesson 8- Driving and the environment.Lesson 8- Learn environmental concerns in the use of motor vehicles.
15 Minute Break
2:30- 4pmLesson 9- Leadership and safe driving behaviours.Lesson 9- Learn leadership in promoting safe driving and learning healthy and courteous driving attitudes.

In-Car Course Outline

TimeLesson ThemeDescription
60 mins#1- Parking lotInterior and exterior pre- trip, proper observation, smooth starting/ stopping/ steering, and left/ right turns.
60 mins#2- Speed control & parkingRules and regulations, observation, proper turns, and intro to parking.
60 mins#3- Thinking out loudRunning commentary, independent observation, who we share the road with, traffic lights, and parking.
60 mins#4- Advanced intersectionsDeveloping defensive driving at complex intersections. 
75 mins#5- Copilot lesson and mid- point assessmentMid point assessment with competency checklist, better tools for at home practice, running commentary, challenging intersections, and creating at home practice routine. 
60 mins#6- Mock TestStudent will be graded on a test. Assessment sent home for further at home practice. 
4.5 hrs#7- Road TripInvolves 2 students. One drives to Nanaimo and one drives home to Comox valley. 20-minutebreak at Woodgrove mall. Merging, exiting, passing, and discuss emergency conditions. 
60 mins#8- Unfamiliar TerritoryThe instructor will create a driving route in areas unfamiliar to student. Areas chosen will be a challenge.
60 mins#9- New cityThis will be a GPS style lesson. Student will make their own decisions with critique as necessary. 
60 mins#10- Emergency ManeuversDefensive driving, collision avoidance, head on collision recovery, emergency breaking, and communication with other drivers using lights and horn. 
60 mins#11- Responsibilities of DrivingA review of all learning outcomes with the addition of preparing for the road test. 
30 minsInterview with copilotDiscuss any remaining concerns before the upcoming road test. Complete paperwork finish doc competency checklist and all student paperwork. 
60 mins#12- Road test reviewFinal lesson done to build confidence to succeed in passing the road test and feel ready to drive independently.