The Instructors

Rod Wiseman
Co-founder (Deceased July 22, 2007)

Rod will be sadly missed.
Rod was one of only two instructors contracted by ICBC in 1999 as ‘expert’ in the making of “Road Sense for Riders” and “Tuning up for Riders”.

Wendy Wiseman
Co-founder & Owner, and Instructor

  • Motorcycle instructor (Certified by ICBC since 2001)
  • In-car instructor (Certified by ICBC)
  • Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) instructor for car & motorcycle
  • Qualified to conduct the “Motorcycle Skills Assessment” (Motorcycle Skills Test)
  • Previously taught driver training in Saskatchewan and Manitoba as well as with Young Driver’s of Canada in Ontario

Personally has taught over 1800 riders on Vancouver Island alone.

Sherri Cash, Instructor

  • In-car Instructor (Certified by ICBC since 2000)
  • Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) Instructor for car
  • Sherri brings a positive approach to driver training