Motorcycle Skills Test

Comox Valley Driving School is retiring the motorcycle course. There will be no more registrations accepted. This information is only here to inform currently registered students.

We are an ICBC Approved Motorcycle Skills Assessment facility.

The Motorcycle Skills Test (MST) waiting period for the Class 6 Learner’s permit (14 days) will be waived by completing the course. The Motorcycle Skills Test (MST) waiting period Class 8 Learner’s permit (30 days) will not be waived by completing the course. (You can do the test but cannot hand the paperwork in until your 30 days is up)

This assessment will be conducted by Comox Valley Driving School (Tuesday after parking lot practical training is completed).

Certification Agreement with ICBC

The facility shall provide written notice to each Trainee that:

  • Certification by the facility does not guarantee that ICBC will issue an unrestricted Class 6 or 8 Learner’s Licence
  • If a Trainee does not successfully complete the MSA, ICBC will not waive the minimum waiting period before the Trainee can take a Motorcycle Skills Test, whether or not the Trainee has completed the Motorcycle Skills Training Program
  • ICBC may require a certified Trainee to be retested by a Driver Examiner
  • ICBC will have access to the Trainee’s Motorcycle Skills Training and MSA records.