Motorcycle Course

Comox Valley Driving School is retiring the motorcycle course. There will be no more registrations accepted. This information is only here to inform currently registered students.

Join the thousands of riders on Vancouver Island and enjoy weekend getaways, evening dinner rides, join a riding club (and meet new friends) or just plain solo riding to wherever your heart takes you!

Although riding a motorcycle can be a fun and adventurous event, improper motorcycle care and control can lead to a dangerous situation. With proper training and the right attitude, riding a motorcycle can be a pleasurable experience.

All students must possess a valid Class 6 Learner’s Permit or a valid Class 8 Learner’s Permit prior to training. It is therefore important to obtain your learner’s permit as soon as possible. Study the “Learn to Ride Smart” manual which is available online and at all Driver Services Centres.

Class 6 Learner’s permit holders must wait 30 days before eligibility to attempt the Road Test, while Class 8 Learner’s permit holders must wait 12 months before eligibility to attempt the Road Test. The Road test will be conducted by ICBC.

Along with the motorcycles, we also provide helmets, gloves, and rain gear. It is the student’s responsibility to provide appropriate footwear that protects the ankles, long pants (jeans), and a jacket appropriate for the weather. This will be discussed in the theory portion. Students may use their own helmets, as long as they meet or exceed DOT standards.

MSTC Course

This is the motorcycle skills test course and consists of 10 hours theory and 10 hours parking lot exercises.

We are an ICBC Approved Motorcycle Skills Assessment facility.

The Motorcycle Skills Test (MST) waiting period for the Class 6 Learner’s permit will be waived by completing either the MSC Course or the MSTC course. Class 8 Learner’s permit waiting period will not be waived by completing either the MSC Course or the MSTC course. This assessment will be conducted by Comox Valley Driving School.

Upon completion of the parking lot exercises (Yuesday at 12:30pm) we will conduct the “Motorcycle Skills Assessment”. Successful qualification of the MSA will allow the student to ride on his/her own on any roadway. (ONCE THE PAPERWORK IS SUBMITTED TO ICBC). The student will not need a supervisor and may travel at any legal and safe speed. The student may not carry passengers or ride at night until she/he qualifies on the Road Test

Attendance at all training lessons leading up to the Motorcycle Skills Assessment is mandatory. There are no refunds for incomplete courses or missed lessons. Any student not being able to complete the program on his/her original course may book extra time (one-on-one) with Comox Valley Driving School. The timing of these lessons will be determined by Comox Valley Driving School. The student’s remaining hours will be divided in half to determine the amount of one-on-one hours available without incurring extra fees.

For an additional fee our motorcycles can be available for the Road Test, Scheduling for road tests is done with ICBC and is not influenced by us.

Pre-registration is required, and may be done by phone or online.